I’ll be your minister

Available now at negotiable rates to officiate all your ceremonies of any type in the Denver area requiring someone certified by someone.

All faiths from creationist to interdimensionalist to atheist. Does that make me interdenominationalist?

I’m doing this because I have a lifelong vocation to look into evidence ignored by the mainstream and an inclination for linguistic channeling and intuition engendered by a childhood-into-adulthood reading writing and living ancient to postmodern inspired wisdom through classic lit all the way through Flannery O’Connor “unto” Charles Bukowski to my own channeled stuff. According me, God is a word we use for something incredible or credible depending your perspective inside-throughout-beyond ourselves. According to this joker, no one has a corner on the truth, and everyone has a different angle on something equally valid. Anything I’m not down with, I’ll let you know, but I’m pretty easygoing. I’ll order the credential later. Does it make me tax-free? I’ll look into that. Usually times like mercury retro are when I have my biggest successes with all the crazy shit I’m always trying. Now the Inuit elders say the whole earth has shifted. Some might say I need grounding times like these but I’m looking forward to flying off the handle again in a newer, better way this time, like something I’ve wanting to do all my life. I guess you might call it a pseudo-religion, but it’s as real as anything else. I’m still working on the name.

“Mutiny Info Cafe is a bastion of the Denver underground. Great selection of books, music, and comics, with a friendly, smart staff giving excellent service.” – Camp Elasticity Mgmt.

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