Friends Save Mutiny from Getting Seized by the City Overnight

Zack Kopp, Camp Elasticity Productions: I met Mutiny Information Cafe proprietor Jim Norris in the 90s when I was punk poet henry Alarmclock. Years later, somewhere in the early part of this century, Jim and co-owner Matt Megyesi hosted my return to hosting, this time a variety show starring local musicians and writers and comics and talkers and singers. I’m proud to call Jim and Matt my friends. Mutiny has hosted iconic American authors like John Fante’s son Dan Fante, and paid tribute to bygone genius artists like Neal Cassady by hosting the Cassady Estate, chaired by Neal’s daughter Jami Cassady-Ratto and her husband Randy. Jim Morrison’s brother=in-law 22 years, author Alan Graham from Liverpool, England (UK) called Mutiny “Bob Dylan’s Dream” and compared it to the shops on Penny Lane he knew as a kid. That’s just a partial report of ways Mutiny has been an instrumental part of my creative career, and I’m only one person. Denver is full of creatives of all kinds and Mutiny has assisted us all for many years. Yesterday the taxman showed up needy a week before my book release event, and everyone pitched in at to break the greed algorithm and keep this excellent place alive. Mutiny Lives and the HAPPINESS release went forward as planned on 9/30.

Thanks, everyone,

from Camp Elasticity and

“Mutiny Info Cafe is a bastion of the Denver underground. Great selection of books, music, and comics, with a friendly, smart staff providing excellent service.” – Camp Elasticity


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