Camp Elasticity podcast in two parts on unidentified contact

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Below this paragraph is part one of Camp Elasticity’s podcast on unidentified contacts, with a slight delay before you hear anything. This two-part cast was inspired by the Pentagon’s recent verification of Unidentifed Aerial Phenomena (formerly Objects). A few people dropped out, but Zack Kopp, Luke Schmaltz and Mike Vilano had an interesting conversation on strange lights, the Greer controversy and the imagination and psychedelics as dimensional portals.


Lens flare?


with Zack Kopp, Nick Plumber, Steven A. Ross and Charlie Dunlap. More discussion of the Greer controversy, plus dream guidance and the different forms of skepticism, and more. Listen as Steve shows the other guests a dream interpretation book from 1539 from the shelves of his library in Sedona, AZ.

Published by: Camp Elasticity

Camp Elasticity is a clearing house for creative experimentation to include literary, artistic, musical, social and comedic productions. CEO Zack Kopp is a freelance writer and editor in Denver. He is the author of six novels so far, a short story collection, a book of poetry, a collection of metamorphic prose and a collection of articles, essays, interviews, reviews and commentary. His latest book, Market Man, was just published by Boston's Big Table Publishing.Kopp has also worked as a ghost writer and editor. His writing has appeared in Rain Taxi, Please Kill Me, and elsewhere.

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