Art by Wendy Means

Wendy Means is an Outsider Artist who if asked to label her style, would call it Metarealism. She is a drop out of both The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Columbia College Chicago. Realizing there was nothing left to lose this disabled single mother began her art career in 2018 under the banner ‘Wendevious Arts”. Merch and prints: or Message to purchase originals. Follow: IG @wendevious

The following images are © Wndy Means

Published by: Camp Elasticity

Camp Elasticity is a clearing house for creative experimentation to include literary, artistic, musical, social and comedic productions. CEO Zack Kopp is a freelance writer and editor in Denver. He is the author of six novels so far, a short story collection, a book of poetry, a collection of metamorphic prose and a collection of articles, essays, interviews, reviews and commentary. His latest book, Market Man, was just published by Boston's Big Table Publishing.Kopp has also worked as a ghost writer and editor. His writing has appeared in Rain Taxi, Please Kill Me, and elsewhere.

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