Send Us X, Y, or Z

This is an invitation to AUTHORS, ARTISTS, and PHOTOGRAPHERS


Send the first three chapters of your book-length manuscript, with or without illustrations, to If your work(s) are selected for production by Camp Elasticity, you will be charged a standard p.o.d. publishing rate (minimum $250*) for typesetting, publication and 100 copies of your book, and a fee to cover editing, typesetting, and continual online promotion. Musicians and comics, if your productions are hosted at the website, they will also be promoted on social media, and there will be a small, negotiable fee. I don’t offer distribution at this time, but your association with my name and the reputation I’m building as a mostly self-made prospect will add a modicum of promotional value in both directions. I’m proud to be associated with Kewpoet and all the authors in the Cool Zone anthology published last year, and the more partners the better. Our combined synergistic association will benefit us both until Camp Elasticity is the name that sticks in people’s minds in a few years. That’s the plan.

Right now Camp Elasticity offers podcasts, publication of selected authors and online promotion of selected musicians and comedians and speakers. This company is starting small, powered by smarts and incentive. Camp Elasticity founder Zack Kopp writes fictions and facts as author, journalist, reviewer, and editor. His work has appeared in Please Kill Me, Rain Taxi, and elsewhere, and his writing and editorial services are available through the Camp Elasticity website at reasonable rates.

The podcasts will feature a continuing assortment of more and less recognized writers, artists, comics, thinkers and talkers to be determined, and will repeat every two to three weeks. The next one, on October 9th, will be recorded with Zoom and transferred to YouTube and broadcast over Anchor.fn. LIVE IT YOURSELF (L.I.Y.) with CAMP ELASTICITY.

*Terms will be modified on a case by case basis.

Mutiny Information Cafe, 2 S. Broadway Denver 80209
“Mutiny Info Cafe is a bastion of the Denver underground. Great selection of books, music, and comics, with a friendly, smart staff giving excellent service,.” – Camp Elasticity


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