Camp Elasticity has a lot of hot numbers lined up and coming out soon. Here’s a look at some of the productions so far.

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Where’s Kopp? by Zack Kopp


Lucky Jokers is the story of freelance Howard Plumber’s mind control by a dementedly joyous dating site called LUCKY JOKERS which causes him to reshape his forehead and otherwise seize all the sizzling wires of his deferred destiny in both hands in his effort to revitalize the blown-out shell-bottom of a ruined, crowded world! Howard’s stories and flash pieces—all funny, with a darkish kick—are of a similarly modern, wounded character as events in his life, being distorted projections of the same raw material. All his characters are manifestations of his ongoing attempts at self-actualization. In one, the town kook’s eyes fall out of his head when he sneezes, and he rings up the last woman he had sex with and makes a joke about it (“This Old Universe”). In another, a disinterested cultist finds community among the freaks and outcasts haunting an abandoned shopping mall (“Comforter Warmers”). In the mostly extremely short stories he writes, as well as the longer ones depicting his experience, Howard’s self-obsession and attitudes toward the dominant group, in a world growing daily more virtualized and segregated by algorithms, is highlighted.

Market Man by Zack Kopp
(Big Table Publishing, 2018)

(Magic Trash Press, 2014)

(Magic Trash Press, 2016) $13.00

(Magic Trash Press, 2017) $10.00

(Magic Trash Press, 2013) $9.99

(Magic Trash Press, 2013) $9.99

Cloud Punchers by Henry Alarmclock (Camp Elasticity, 2020) $3.56


Fire Diner by Zack Kopp
Magic Trash Press, 2013) $8.00

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