Freelance Public Speaker and Zen Copilot for Lease or Hire in Denver

Hey, everyone. I posted this on Facebook the other day, copied and pasted from pre-written text I edited on LinkedIn a few minutes before: “Dear friends, I’m looking for opportunities to speak publicly on supernatural topics (ghosts, aliens, Bigfoot, meditation, channeling, etc.) Get back to me.” One guy invited me to a podcast. Someone else suggested an open mic. Another well-meaning friend said the Mercury Cafe. “I’m talking about public speaking here, not performance art,” I explained.”I want someone to hire me as a speaker. I’m asking people to hook me up with those kinds of opportunities. Maybe this is the wrong meeting. I might consider speaking at the Mercury Cafe as practice or something, but I’m looking to go pro.” I’ve been studying this stuff all my life. I have years of personal experience, innate identification with the unknown unto cutting-edge psychological and metaphysical speculation. I’ve written books, I’ve given readings, I’ve led groups on intuition and supernatural writing. They were right, of course. One doesn’t simply hire oneself out as a speaker on paranormal topics like that. But I’m humble enough not to take anything for granted and I’m doing it. I might as well say honest. “A circle is measured beginning anywhere,” said Charles Fort, who advocated intermediatism, a path connecting all sources of knowledge without prejudice. Like Robert Anton Wilson said, “Belief is the death of the imagination.” That’s the right attitude. If we’re interested in looking at any of the fascinating information in this interesting state of perception we inhabit, what we need is somebody impartial to fill us in on what seems to be happening and offer to lead the discussion. I’m willing to play that part at a negotiable rate for public and private gatherings, events, and functions. What I’m looking for is somebody in metropolitan Denver to offer me money to talk about reincarnation or UAP or automatic writing or Wetiko (some more examples) for half an hour to forty-five minutes, something along those lines. Name the supernatural paranormal or unconventional topic and I’ll give a speech about that at your event if the terms are agreeable to us both. Here’s to a season of happy partnerships. I’n also available for writing grant applications and ghost-writing, Credentials available on request. Taking offers, answering questions, and negotiating terms at

This is an experiment in reality selection. Thanks!

Your Editor

“Mutiny Info Cafe is a bastion of the Denver underground. Great selection of books, music, and comics, with a friendly, smart staff providing excellent service.” – Camp Elasticity

Published by: Camp Elasticity

Camp Elasticity is a clearing house for creative experimentation to include literary, artistic, musical, social and comedic productions. CEO Zack Kopp is a freelance writer and editor in Denver. He is the author of six novels so far, a short story collection, a book of poetry, a collection of metamorphic prose and a collection of articles, essays, interviews, reviews and commentary. His latest book, Market Man, was just published by Boston's Big Table Publishing.Kopp has also worked as a ghost writer and editor. His writing has appeared in Rain Taxi, Please Kill Me, and elsewhere.

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