HAPPINESS is Coming Soon!

Lacking only an ISBN but it’s booked.

Author Zack Kopp’s satirically objective, cartoonishly expressive latest, Happiness: In Dub (Camp Elasticity, 2022) gives a rich view of mental life in the Post-Truth Era full of sex, drugs, rock and roll, aliens, shadows, holy fools, and interdimensional contact.

Lucky joker Wally Jack Mack, conditioned by a background in freelance metaphysics and chaos thinking coupled with a disdain for politics, wants to know how reality works behind the scenes. His lifelong preoccupation with paranormal occurrence is complicated and punctuated by his ill-starred infatuation with extradimensional medium Kartinie Thinie . . . Wally Jack, Kartinie, his past self, poetry host Lightning Jerk, his sensible intermediatist friend Levin, his manic, noble sometime patron Gladstone  . . . these characters trade complimentary insults on the razor’s edge between allowance and annoyance, throwing sparks when they clash.

Composition of this history of wonders coincided with the Pentagon’s latest verification of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, inspiring the inclusion in this book of a rich overview of alternative history in info-bytes, footnotes, and the occasional dedicated chapter. The footnotes appended to several chapters take this manuscript’s significance to an entirely different level than diverting readers’ attention with the tale of a freelance writer’s crush on an interdimensional alien channeler. Shadow Dump is a book about humanity’s forever unconsummated romance with the unknown, and the way it never stops. It’s a hybrid like that.

“You capture the disaster quite well in the story.”

―Mark SaFranko, Nowhere near Hollywood, Amerigone, others

And here’s the link to a playlist I made.

“Mutiny Info Cafe is a bastion of the Denver underground. Great selection of books, music, and comics, with a friendly, smart staff providing excellent service.” – Camp Elasticity

By Camp Elasticity

Camp Elasticity is a clearing house for creative experimentation to include literary, artistic, musical, social and comedic productions. CEO Zack Kopp is a freelance writer and editor in Denver. He is the author of six novels so far, a short story collection, a book of poetry, a collection of metamorphic prose and a collection of articles, essays, interviews, reviews and commentary. His latest book, Market Man, was just published by Boston's Big Table Publishing.Kopp has also worked as a ghost writer and editor. His writing has appeared in Rain Taxi, Please Kill Me, and elsewhere.

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