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There’s a lot of disagreement among the loudest spokesmen on the UAP scene currently, at least one big difference of opinion, and I’m going to talk about that while trying to keep this info-corner ecumenical, letting everyone have a rap without explicitly believing anybody’s line completely.

The link above is to an alarming cast by Dr. Steven Greer of the CE5 Initiative alerting everyone on Earth that a false flag alien war is in the wings and urging them to watch his film about it, Cosmic Hoax, linked below. He also states that a contract has been in effect between residents of earth and true aliens for some time, and the Roswell story is a limited hangout. In his latest, Greer offers his longstanding reputation as an insider and a photograph purportedly from 1920 of an elongated non-human corpse on a table with some police and men in white coats gathered around it, implying there’s been interaction far longer than anyone knows. Doubters have said things like why no medical masks, believers have said things like they didn’t know about those in the 20s. Truth being what it is around here, I wouldn’t say he’s right or wrong.

Jeremy Corbell, who is associated with George Knapp, and military-affiliated Luis Elizondo seem to mostly agree, while Dr. Steven Greer keeps saying “We know for a fact” Luis Elizondo is not telling the whole truth, and has also accused Corbell of being naiively trusting.

Here’s Luis Elizondo on Theiories of Everything with Curt Jaimungal: and there’s a lot more online. He makes a very good impression, but I have never had a good feeling about that Blink 182 guy, with whom he’s (peripherally) associated.

Jeremy Corbell seems like a nice guy, too. Here he is, also on Theories of Everything: and ditto

& Jacques Vallée and NASA scientist Kevin Knuth on Psychedelics + UFOS, Disclosure, Physics of aliens (Theolocution): and ditto.

Vallée I have always respected as sincere, but Greer has also implicated him as not telling the whole of what he knows in some vague way. I hadn’t heard of Knuth before the linked cast, but I have an interest in altered states natural and chemical as portals.

Thanks to Curt Jaimungal and Theory of Everything from Camp Elasticity.

Greer’s new film, positing that a false flag war against invading aliens is in the works as a final step in securing control of an unpredictable and overpopulated planet. I heard about the false flag alien war idea in the 90s myself, and in case there is a grain of truth in this projected reality, its exposure as a possibility is probably the right thing to do.

Hopefully that link is direct. Here’s the cover of Valée’s new book, coauthored with Paola Leopizzi Harris, which I’m after a review copy of at the moment, and I sent him an interview request by snail address (all I can find) about a week ago.

Documentica Research, LLC, 2021

I have always respected Jacques Vallée for perceiving the connection between modern tales of extraterrestrial contact and ancient folk tales of being kidnapped by faeries and goblins and elves and etc.

Perhaps he’s revealing what he knows gradually, in accordance with a timeline Greer doesn’t know about? Or is Greer dissembling? I posed this question to someone who’s been following him for a while. This person’s response, “Greer can be right, and it still might not happen, the future being unknown,” released me temporarily from the pendulum between intelligence and secrecy everyone’s currently swinging on after decades of ridicule and denial as official policy.

There exists an Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Project, who knows for how long, and this link leads to an article about an AATIP report on psychic interface being integral to alien or advanced aerospace tech including a brief history of this research.

Utah’s Uintah Basin, especially Skinwalker Ranch, has been described as a “hotspot for paranormal activity.” The research I’ve done defines this as UFOs and an extremely broad range of events that don’t make sense–from time travel to livestock mutilation to getting a stomach ache when feeding the horses–and also seems to be an area of official interest in the paranormal. Jeremy Corbell’s film on Skinwalker Ranch is linked here.

Someone of the proper age posted something on Facebook today about having done things as part of a government program in the 60s and 70s he would never disclose that were about to come true and surprise a lot of people. I don’t know anything about that, but it’s no secret parts of our government have been paying attention to this phenomenon for a long time. According to Greer in the new one, several governments have had informed contact for about a hundred years, and kept it secret for various reasons. Whatever the nuts and bolts of what’s about to happen are, I am practicing allowance and presence. Here’s a link to Greer’s last film about summoning craft, which I think has its heart in the right place (in this connection, also please check out Prophet Yahweh):

And here’s one more from Jaimungal’s Theories of Everything, an interview with iconic abductee Travis Walton:

In closing, here’s some “Skinny Bob” footage, reportedly from Roswell:

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