RADIOS: Available soon by Zack Kopp

RADIOS: Intuition, Inspiration & the Rachel Archelaus Case is currently in post-production.

Pictured: Rachel Archelaus as intimiate Alien

RADIOS is a story of the literary underground reuniting with the spiritual overground—in a circuitous round of dropping out of custom and nsticking oneself from the kind of thinking where unknown futures are pre-planned by fear—with the help of spontaneous writing and an unexpected extra-human contact for the author in the middle of a pandemic lockdown.

“I’ve been writing novels about my life, usually in the third person, for years and years. I met Rachel Archelaus—her first name the same as the town in Nevada closest to Area 51, meaning “ewe,” and her last name meaning “leader of the people” and very similar to Archuleta, as in Archuleta Mesa outside Dulce, NM, long rumored an underground alien base—while writing the first chapter of the latest one, and by the time I reached the second chapter, she’d become the main character not me, with a speed that smacked of interdimensional travel. (p.7)”

“Sometimes it seems like the media wants to run our attention. Sometimes it’s like the chicken or the egg, and you can’t tell whether things happened before you heard about them or vice versa. Headlines in my online worldview that day were all about energetic perception, new off-world discoveries or scientific advancements. “Could Consciousness All Come Down to the Way Things Vibrate?” wondered Tam Hunt in Pocket Worthy, the news source on my screen saver. “Open Your Third Eye – Pineal Gland Activation – Third Eye Stimulation”, offered someone on YouTube. “Scientists Discover Huge and Mysterious Jellyfish-Shaped Structure In Space” cried Becky Ferreira at Motherboard. And the Navy had recently made some potentially historic claims about being in charge of inventions to change or control “the fabric of reality,” according to Paul Rather in Big Think, Kayla Epstein at the Washington Post, and others. “[S]ome of [these], dubbed ‘the UFO patents,’ came to life recently. Of particular note are inventions by the somewhat mysterious Dr. Salvatore Cezar Pais, whose tech claims to be able to ‘engineer reality’. His slate of highly-ambitious, borderline sci-fi designs meant for use by the U.S. government range from gravitational wave generators and compact fusion reactors to next-gen hybrid aerospace-underwater crafts with revolutionary propulsion systems, and beyond.” (, 5 February, 2021).”

“The last item . . . reminded me of when the Navy publicly admitted to the existence of “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena” after videos were leaked in 2017, and their declaration flew through the news cycle without any uproar. It was as though the programmers had dumbed this genre down too far or over-normalized the topic and now no one cared when they got around to announcing the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life. Which, if you think about it, may have been the best way it could have worked out, to avoid too much disruption.”

“Without knowing what the Navy has in store for reality in making that statement about engineering it, it has always bothered me when warlike or legislative organizations get their hands on spiritual technology, since that regulated mind seems, to me, to be at odds with my own disordered approach to spirituality, but we’ll see how it goes. I’d be covering the military’s investigation of Remote Viewing later on in an Intuition Group I led. The sensitivity of psychics Ingo Swann, Hal Puthoff, Joseph McMoneagle and others had been used as a tool of espionage to help solve the Patty Hearst kidnapping, get intel on the U.S. hostages in Iran, and further undisclosed purposes. When I asked Intimate Alien about the Naval super-technology thing, her comment was, “’Well, it makes sense that you would have something like that if you think about it, because you are the makers of your reality.’” (pp. 152-4)

“”Have the Zetas achieved emotional equilibrium?”” I didn’t know anything about actual statistics, but you didn’t hear as much about abductions these days. Maybe the emotional restoration operation had been completed.”

“’Interesting wording. The Zetas, for many many many many years, did not engage with their emotions, it was kind of like a program that was turned off, and I don’t know when, but it seemed to me in the 70s and 80s, they were regaining emotions, and having a hard time with it. They were also now re-populating their people by—like—using human DNA, so that those emotions were coming back anyway,” shaking her head, “I don’t know the whole thing. Maybe the emotions came in because they were creating hybrids, zeta-human, because we are related to them, and then they had to deal with it. I don’t know the whole story, but—yes. I don’t know if ‘equilibrium’ is the word, but I feel like they—they have—they have a remedial grasp on it. I have felt a lot of compassion and love from them throughout the years, and so I know that they’re able to use it—I don’t know if it’s across the board, I don’t know if it’s everybody, I don’t know if it’s just with the newer generation or not, I’m not really sure, but I definitely feel like they have regained a lot of the humanity that they stepped away from, but—yeah, they’re cool—I like them.’”

“’It seems like there are less abductions. Or maybe it’s just not as popularized.’”

“’I—I don’t know. I don’t know. I think it was very big in the 80s, and I definitely was part of that, even though I didn’t know it at the time. I still—I still feel like it’s really—big. I don’t think, in my mind—I’m feeling like it hasn’t slowed down . . . but what I think is that they have gotten better at it. That’s what I think. So—I like to think of the abduction thing as like ‘taking your cat to the vet’. Right? I’ve got cats—or, any scared animal—any scared animal that can harm you, right?—like, when you take your cat to the vet? It does not like it. it does not know what you’re doing is helping it, it does not want to go, it will not go willingly, it’s—like—you cannot tell the cat what you are doing, and it will understand you. We are the cat, right? Like, the abductions in the 80s were like ‘Get off of me, what are you doing? This is absolutely insanely terrifying. Who are you? Get away from me.’ And they were like, ‘Oh—we’re your friend, and you signed up for this, and we really wanna thank you so much for your contribution. I’m so sorry that you forgot you said you would do this for us!’ So—um—I think they’ve gotten better at it, I think they know how to make sure that we’re sleeping, and how to keep us asleep, and all that stuff, because I—I know I still go, very often. And there was a time in my life when I was really afraid, even in my adult years, when I first learned about this, and that I was so involved with them. I was terrified of seeing them, I would stay up all night sweating and holding the covers up because I just—I knew they were coming, and I couldn’t—I was paralyzed, with fear. And I would plead with them, like, ‘Please, please, let me go to sleep first, before you show up!’ And, um—I feel like they definitely do that. They definitely do.’” (p.194-5)

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