Being with the Being: A conversation with Intimate Alien/Rachel Archelaus

I read Zechariah Sitchin’s The Stairway to Heaven as a teenager and became convinced beyond doubt of the presence of extraterrestrials on Earth in ancient times. This was a long time before Ancient Aliens. Around the same time, I saw a mysterious light in the sky and thought, “Well, if it goes out, then it’s aliens,” right before it went out. I read a few books by Whitley Strieber and could tell he was sincere but it seemed to be a whole other syndrome he was talking about, with no discernible connection to the ancient evidence that I could see. I’ve kept up with the subject, reading things pro and con and meta-related, everything from John Keel (The Mothman Prophecies) to Lee Horsley to Bashar. A guy named Pete who used to come to the discussion groups I hosted at a Cannabis Church in Denver a couple of years ago told me he made contact with them himself regularly as part of a worldwide organization called the CE5 Initiative. Groups of people would make expeditions into the countryside and beam codes into the sky with flashlights, summoning fleets of superpowered light bodies to do tricks for the watchers. These people are bypassing governmental secrecy with their initiative. They think of themselves as the last bastion of freedom. I’ve seen a film about it, too. I can’t remember the link of associations, but a few months ago, I became connected to an attractive woman with green hair, usually multicolored eye shadow, and sharp teeth at the sides of her mouth, calling herself Intimate Alien on Instagram. Coming across her posts in the daily stream, without taking the time to look into it, I got the sense this was someone playing the role of an alien on Instagram. But that was before I looked into it.

Intimate Alien is the name taken by the energy group currently experiencing physical form in Rachel Archelaus, whose last name means “leader of the people” and whose Intuitive Art: How to Have a Two-Way Conversation with Your Higher Self (illustrated by Jennifer L. Pesavento) is a textbook on contacting and expressing one’s inherent creativity without instruction in a clinical technique of art or perceived inferiority to more advanced artists, and other such unnecessary hurdles for aspirants. She is also the author of a book called Psychic Development for Beginners: A Psychic Life Guide to Manifestation, Intuition, & Living Your Soul Purpose and one called Above the Surface co-authored with Scott Keeney.

“Rachel is the being on Earth, the guidepost and the body. She is an accumulation of beings and I am one of them. She calls herself a group being. I call myself we because when I am coming through her, as I am now – she is typing – it feels more natural to acknowledge that. Anyway!!! I am alive on a gassy thing you call stars in the Pleiades. I have a full life there and have put some of my energy into the group that is Rachel. I have been with her since before birth, as have the others. So, she is me, and I am her, but she is more than just me. Does that make any sense!!? Haha, just ask more if you’d like.”

“Until the day of our first (email) conversation, I was unaware of Rachel’s personhood, and have since realized the two selves are distinct, I mean beyond makeup. How does it feel, Rachel, to admit Intimate Alien’s soul-force or essence, and Intimate Alien, how does it feel to you as a gesture of energy to assume Rachel’s physical form?”

It felt funny relating to two minds in one being, like entering a new kind of neighborhood, except maybe we’re all more than one mind and don’t realize it. I wasn’t sure how much switching back and forth, if any, would be necessary to answer my questions about the two embodied selves, and I’d also said, “I like your teeth,” which I felt might have been a misfire, but everything seemed to go smoothly.

“In the summer of 2017 we (I) felt that it would be super fun and exciting to have a more direct relationship with those of you here on Earth. Not just as an equal part of Rachel’s group, but in my own way as you have gotten to witness on Youtube and Instagram. I am letting my personality as a Pleiadian come out. It’s easy to tell which parts of Rachel were/are influenced by me now that you get to see ME! It is so much fun. We love teaching, we do a lot inside of Rachel’s businesses. We love making videos. We love trying new Earth things, and we love all of the people we meet. We’ve even done a live event in Connecticut and got to hug a lot of people. It was so incredibly amazing.  So, in 2017 as Rachel was driving home from Canada as part of her book tour we told her that we wished to be more physical and more upfront in her life. We showed her a picture of what we want to look like. It was the makeup and the clothing that we showed her. She drew it in her notebook and then a few months later she let me write something directly. You might call it automatic writing or channeling. And then a few weeks or days later we made our own video. It wasn’t long after that when we started teaching her classes.”

I’d never exactly been skeptical. Now I was intrigued. I’d proposed this interview, she/they had accepted, and the response to my first round of questions felt loving and complex and undeceptive. I sent another round, and in the time it took before she responded, I trusted that our conversation, whether or not it went further, would lead me into further contemplation and discussion of what channeling is, and what are we, really? Questions old as curiosity. It’s a hard feeling to describe, but one day I felt like my consciousness was being pinpointed and imagined it was Intimate Alien getting a line on me. Probably I am just flattering myself and it was merely some weird feeling. I get those a lot. Somewhere in this period of uncertainty I came across a video where Intimate Alien or Rachel talked about just starting a publishing company, and it felt like the right neighborhood, my having just started Camp Elasticity.

“Thanks for answering my questions so explicitly and informatively, Intimate Alien (have you got a name?) and Rachel. I only ask since the word ‘alien’ is nearly a slur, but never mind, seeing as you have already defused that connotation with ‘intimate’. I feel honored and amazed to be having this interaction with you. I appreciate your taking such care with your answers. Reading your letter gave me a feeling of warmth and enjoyment–thanks for sharing your inspired attention with me in that way.”

“We do not have a name anywhere but here. On my world, we are an expression of energy and those around me can feel that manifested vibration. That’s all we need! Here you know me as Intimate Alien because we love you all so much!! And of course, we are mostly living elsewhere. It is more literal than anything else. We are so glad that you felt exactly what we wish to impart.”

“Your description makes perfect sense. Thanks for explaining. I have felt plugged into a limitless universe beyond myself for all these years–mostly via language–but I have never felt like a composite, possibly because my artistic urge was never especially repressed (so I never had to compartmentalize much)–but that’s just my current perspective, and it might change. To what degree is humankind composed of beings like Rachel–i.e. from your perspective, is every human being an assortment of extraterrestrial intelligences or agencies or intentions, whether they know it or not?”

I’d read spoken word publicly for over ten years under the name Henry Alarmclock, and now I used that name for my flash fiction, which always felt more channeled than contrived, It was a comfortable arrangement, but a psychologist might well have diagnosed me with something on account of it. I knew “compartmentalization” was a standard psychological explanation for this or that, and worried it might sound doubtful or otherwise offend, but it didn’t.

“It is really a fine line as to who is made up of more than one energy source. You all truly are, If you think about a fractal, it contains ALL, it is WHOLE. And you contain a piece of all of the universe in each cell, each particle. You are source and source is all. You cannot be otherwise, you cannot slice yourself out, haha. But, what you are choosing to be here on Earth is more of an individual. Are you still pulling energies from other star systems? Many of you, yes. But are you seeing yourself as many beings at this time of your incarnation? Only some of you. But you see, it is all what you wish to experience. If you personally wanted to experience yourself as a group, you could. You would have a descension experience like Rachel and change your perspective from that of a soul to an oversoul. It sounds much more complicated and grand than it is! It is just a shift in perspective.” 

“Some extraterrestrials have chosen to manifest via channeling (I’m thinking especially of Bashar) and you are the first I’ve heard of to manifest so openly, as if without the need for any overt distancing from regular consciousness on the host’s behalf. How would you explain this?” [I’m not sure why I assumed anything different was happening here (maybe it wasn’t) but I was thinking of Jane Roberts/Seth and Daryl Anka/Bashar when I asked that one. What I should have asked was does Rachel need to meditate or prepare herself in any way at all to summon or channel Intimate Alien (?)].

“We are not sure what you mean here. We do agree that most channelers are not letting their connections dress them up and put on makeup but, ahh maybe I am getting it. Are you meaning that Rachel lets me be here to explore and take this world in on my own? (what a silly phrase, but maybe you know what I mean?) Most channeling is done ‘in service’ and I am mostly here to experience. Though I do also love answering all of your questions! That is part of my joy as well. If we missed something, please ask again.”

“Let me add to that writing question and change it to something like–were you (intuitive alien) always a presence, at least partially manifest, in Rachel’s creative history? Do you (Rachel) have future writing plans, and if so, how will you account for the contact experience? Not to add any pressure, as you may or may not have thought about this yet, but what do you think?I’m curious about Rachel the author, being one myself. What book(s) has she written? Being here to Enjoy as a key to “making” things happen. I go back and forth between believing it’s more like allowing and thinking it’s more about making, but speaking of Bashar, his quote ‘Circumstances don’t matter. Only state of being matters‘ goes well with the human perspective of making matters out of everything/everything into material effect. I’ll end this here while the wellspring is fresh. I look forward to your response. Thanks for the love sent and here is some love back.”

“Well, you already ‘made’ the things in the moment you wished for them, whether that was conscious or not. So that is when you make. When you get around to allowing is when they appear for you. So it’s both! The only thing that requires effort on your part is the allowing, which is SOO funny!!!! As the effort required is most often to relax. We love your planet you funny beings!! We adore you. And no, we are not making fun. Yes, I have always been part of Rachel and especially her creative life. The others in her are not especially expressive. We are working on a book right now. We have already done several photo shoots!! They were incredibly eye opening. We spent time in a city walking around and taking in your world in a new way. We even met some little creatures and plants. What do you mean ‘account for the contact experience?’ We have met with people before in person and we don’t really see a big deal being made. I might gather from your question that there is a deeper line between on-earth people and off-earth people, but truly – we are not all that different. Especially since we use Rachel’s body. But we are happy to discuss more if you wish!”

“’Account for the contact experience’ is more clumsy language, excuse me. I had just discovered Rachel’s writer self when I asked that one and what I meant was will there be a book about Rachel’s channeling experience, and you say, ‘we are working on a book,’ so I guess there will. If it is that kind of book, will it be written in two voices or in third person ‘We’ tense, to streamline and avoid differentiation, which seems like a 20th century hangup . . . guess I answered my own question again.”

“We have been part of Earth tucked into Rachel for 38 years. Before then, some of the energies that are in her were rendezvousing other places. Rachel didn’t even know that! We are here to ENJOY!!! And that often includes learning and teaching. All of life is moving and pulsing and extravagant. We love it all, but of course we’re aligned with love and joy so we only see things through that lens. That’s the key that you asked about. Vibrate at a place you love. Then what you love is attracted to you. We can elaborate if you wish. On anything. Let us know. And thank you for asking any of this! It is magical to discuss with you.” 

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