New Releases from Camp Elasticity


Words and Art by KEWPOET

Available now at the link above, and look for this hot number in your local cool bookstores sometime in November. Add it to your list.

I Do Not Regret-

Tonight at least I can say
Twain’s death bed Nihilism
sank you full. As all dream not dreamy
disappearing and your farce; toil willed
to silent two breaths, days of breaths even flashed across the gorge of the universe, quantum that.

Mutiny Information Cafe

2 So. Broadway

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Cloud Punchers by Henry Alarmclock

Reformed supervillain Henry Alarmclock was thought to have been defeated by enemy forces years ago, but has recently resurfaced with a series of prose shorts designed to defuse the galactic control algorithm, simultaneously providing comfort and joy to all the other disenfranchised deviants who never meant no harm. His shoes making a funny sound as they walked along with him down the street. PULL THIS TAB.

THE COOL ZONE is the first in a series of anthologies from Camp Elasticity Productions, including work from several writers, artists, and photographers. It’s being published at the end of a disordered year they’ll remember forever, and is a disorderly yearbook introducing the new enterprise. Contributors:Aram Saroyan, Angela Black, Zack Kopp, Mari L. Muhle, Tuwayne Foster, Neeli Cherkovski, Dylan Wolfram, Elizabeth Ianacci, Raoul Vehill, Lauren Tivey, Rob Plath, David S. Atkinson, Cortney Collins, Richard English, Aldo Quigliotti, Becca Michalak, Kewpoet, Joules Craft, Douglas Mallon, Steve Biel, Lauren Tivey, Mark SaFranko, Catfish McDaris, J.D. Nelson, Keith Dersley, Joe Cervelin, Stephan Donohue, David-Ivar Herman Dune, Niles Reddick, Elliot Rosewater, Zoe Anastassiou, M.A. Blickley, Gerald Nicosia, Maggie Dubris, Tamra Lucid & Ronnie Pontiac, Howie Good, Clem, Heather Fowler, Jake Riley, Carl Papa Palmer.

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